Friday, April 8, 2011

computer collaging

When not slinging paint in the studio or scribbling on paper I like to put images together from photos I've taken or absconded off the net.  I got up way too early this morning so have been having a bash at the computer making collage images.

The nest one is actually my own hair that I worried into a nest as it fell out after first 'round chemo.  I saved it because I was so intriqued by the fact that it was my hair, in my hand and not on my head. It's all art to me!

The other imagery has to do with the train whistle I can hear just a short distance away from our house.  I photo'd the rails at the level crossing.  It brings me back to the steam trains that used to run in England.  In some place they still do!  It's fairly straight forward imagery.  Keep thinking it should have more too it, but can't think what.  When making images like this its all about impulse!

1 comment:

  1. Kate - I love your hair nest :) Love that you created with it instead of just mourned it. I wonder if you will still be a gingy when it grows back in? I hope so, though I know many whose hair grew back another texture, another color entirely. You know how partial to gingy folks I am :)