Wednesday, April 13, 2011

awake way too early

Up way too early this morning, or in other words at "sparrow fart"! . . . mind whizzing with ideas for paintings!  These might seem a bit cryptic, but its part of my process for sticking images together.  In paint they will all have a different sort of energy.  As photo collages they are references to the idea.  Some may translate to paint, others attempted and abandoned.  I never know till I go through the work what will be.  That's the special joy and challenge of it all. 


 It will also have alot to do with my patience as well.  Sometimes before I get to render an idea in paint I've already moved on to another, newer idea.  My studio is filled with references for painting ideas that never got made.  There's enough there to keep me occupied indefinitely!  That's a good problem to have!

 In "bridge" I'm looking at myself in repose.  Painted, the figure shall become a green mountain in the form of a female laying down.  It also might have something to do with being a wee bit homesick for the UK!

"Cells" is just playing with shapes and colours of red berries on trees and the image of cancer cells.  The inside and outside of nature.

"Cell Nerves" is also a play on cells and how they are shaped.  I never knew that some have the same feeling as banyan trees.

"Waterfall" is an image from a walk in Onich, Scotland in 2005.  The sketch is recent and I thought if I could put it in the stream and make it a spectre it might read nicely.  Experimentation to come!  Yet it has the feeling I'm looking for.
cell nerves


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