Thursday, April 7, 2011

after chemo catharsis

pendulum time
the watches have no hands


I have this little sketchbook that was given me by an artgroup member.  We're to use it to create ideas for a themed painting we'll all work on throughout this year, with a common theme.  The theme is "redemption".  When I don't feel like slinging paint or working in the studio I scribble in this little book while watching tellie.  I make things up, whatever comes into my head.  So, of course since I have this new part-time job of chemo, labs and doctor visits it stands to reason that alot of what will automatically come out of me is related to my "situation".  Some of it is just nervous energy.  Last night's bout probably a reaction to being on a high still from the steroids they give you in chemo.  Thery're silly, possibly ideas for future paintings, but mostly just a postcard of what dribbles out of me brain!
great stag rescue

cancer alien


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