Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kate Project

The Kate Project was made for me by my very close girlfriends after I was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. They managed to borrow my image files right from under my nose. I never knew of it until a client called wanting to buy some art. I was in hospital at the time and having a rough go off it. The surprise sent me sobbing with happiness as I burbbled into the phone of the three women who set this up, thanking them for loving me so well.

Since that time I've been so keen to pass the email on to all the women I know to specifically tell them to ask for the CA-125 at their yearly exam. It's a blood test to show if there are cancer cells present in the body. Anything over 35 is abnormal. Mine was 2700 at time of the surgery to remove the tumor. I never knew about it until my tumor was discovered. Ovarian cancer is virtually undetectable until you feel your jeans tightening. Mine must have been growing for over a year. I'm still amazed that I never knew it was there until it was the size of a large ham!

Now that I'm in chemo every week my numbers have come down drastically! At present my CA-125 is actually 34! I'm pretty happy about that, but I still have 12 more weeks until I'm through with chemo! The world will hear me hollow when I'm done!

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