Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Finished "Temple" and was juried into the 13th Annual Livonia Arts Exhibition at the Livonia Public Library. The opening reception was quite an unexpectedly nice affair! Have also started and stopped painting on one or two others.

I'm discovering that painting for myself full time is fraught with unexpected pitfalls. Usually I like to take an idea and run with it yeilding an interesting and often pleasing result (my standard for finishing anything is if I like it!). Yet I'm discovering that I can work and work for hours and come up with absolute crap. As if somehow I've traversed down a path that leads to some hedgemaze of a deadend, leaving me frustrated and wondering if I even life the effort I've made.

It probably has alot to do with the amount of concentration and energy I put to my "making". I get so absorbed that I don't think I can know if I like a piece until I come up for air. Sometimes a few days or weeks later on pieces I'll see the need for additions or changes, but with dislike I usually know right away. Its that visceral a response. I figure that if I don't like something in my gut how can anyone else like what I've made.

I won't be showing things that didn't work, but I will show things that do. Some of them surprising in their simplicity and in the quickness of the time it took to paint. Sometimes its as if every time you go to work in the studio you have to relearn how to paint all over again.

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